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RE/MAX Results AttaBoy Ride 2014

Gary's Gang

Less than three years ago I was using my Uncle Brian's cane.  Brian played 12 string guitar on my band's song "I'll Be Fine".  My aunt Deanna pleaded with me to take his cane.  She rightly pointed out I needed it. My band and I wrote an entire album with my band honoring heroes that surround us every day:  Our Moms and Dads, Our Wives and Kids, Doctors, Nurses, Fire Fighters, Soldiers and Police...Hospice workers, Cancer Patients...


In July I had advanced to a bariatric walker on the day some of my best friends & I were to see U2 at TCF Stadium.  Doug Ahmann and I were "upgraded" to handicapped seating for the show.  

Later that summer I went to the Minnesota State Fair in a wheel chair that could support a 400 pound man.  It was there that I ran into some friends Chad & Dawn Brommer and their family and though we are smiling in our photos our faces could not hide our concern.  


2010 and 2011 were a couple of long years for me.  Years of struggle and loss where I was honestly losing my battle just to live.  My friend and business partner Grant Johnson had sent me home months before because I was too sick to work.  My friends Brett Lengacher, Doug and Andre helped me write and record an album of songs under the name Cool in Comics so something of me would remain.  I had angels all around me.


My friends & family were there for me.  Thank you to them.

In addition to my own struggles I lost a couple of men in my life that were very important to me to cancer.  

2014 is a year of triumph and celebration.  It's a year for me to be aware and to give back.


In honor of all those men and women that fought & struggled with cancer: This year, no chair, this year we ride!  


Father's day riding with my boys Dillon and Noah is going to be amazing.  Once upon a time they had to help take care of me, help me up, push my wheel chair, dress me.  

This year I hope they can simply keep up.

I have formed a team and we will ride in RE/MAX Results Atta Boy Ride as Gary's Gang this Father's Day!

We ride in honor of Gary Nordness, Brian Lederer, Dewey Carlson & Richard Wyman.  We ride if honor of our many friends that have passed or battle bravely today to overcome this disease.

Love & Speed to you all & Thank You for supporting me in my efforts to give back to those that are struggling with cancer today.  My donations will go to charities that help care for those that struggle today...

I love you all, I miss so many and I cherish everything.

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