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2016 Breast Cancer Ride

More Wine, Less Whine

Welcome to Team More Wine, Less Whine!

Team members:  Kathy Barnes, Jenny Foley, Kelly Smeltzer & Emily Sullivan

On August 13, we will be participating in the annual Breast Cancer Ride in Eagan, MN. Our plan is to ride at least 24 miles...but maybe we will get a second wind and do more. The purpose of the ride is to raise money for breast cancer charities in Minnesota. This year the beneficiaries are :

  • Open Arms Minnesota (provides meal delivery services)
  • Angel Foundation (financial support for breast cancer patients)
  • The U of M Masonic Cancer Center
  • The Firefly Sisterhood (connects survivors with newly diagnosed patients)
  • Breast Cancer Education Association (education)
  • Susan G. Komen

We are participating because breast cancer is a crappy disease and so many people face it every year. Unfortunately, it has been a very personal situation for many of our families. Kelly was diagnosed with stage IIA breast cancer on 7/31/15. Fortunately, thanks to early detection and medical advancements, she is doing great. This is what we would like for all breast cancer patients; to have a good prognosis and to feel supported along the way. The organizations supported by the ride help many women in Minnesota achieve these goals!

Consider making a donation today!


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