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Adult Riders are required to raise a minimum of $350 in donations (think about it; that's just 10 friends at $35 each or 35 friends giving just $10). Minors (under the age of 18) and Volunteers do not have to raise funds, however, donations are appreciated and will go towards the cause.

You'll be surprised at how quickly the donations add up once you put your heart into the effort. Create a list of 10 friends who could give you $35 each or a list of 35 friends who could donate $10 each and you'll be done. We've been finding that many participants are meeting (and exceeding) their fundraising minimum in less than two weeks! The key is getting started. You can use this Donation Tracking Sheet to track your progress.

Fundraising tips are your friend.  View our extensive list of fundraising tips.

Communicate a deadline. People procrastinate (or is it just me?) Let your friends and family know you want to finish your fundraising early so you can focus on training. Suggest a fundraising deadline of August 1 so they give early. Sure, you have until the morning of the Ride to hit your required minimum but it's nice to get it done early. (Note: Donations that come in through August 31st will be applied to your 2015 fundraising account. Donations received after that date will be applied to the 2016 Ride.)

The money is not for you. Remember, you are not asking people to fund your next car payment or Hawaiian vacation. You are asking for money to help provide services to people living with breast cancer.

Know your stuff. Be informed about why you are doing this. Memorize a few key facts about the beneficiaries, and some of the work they do, and familiarize yourself with the current state of breast cancer.

Be prepared. Always carry your Breast Cancer Ride donation form, pledge letters, and pre-addressed envelopes. Always. Because ...

You never know. A donation could come from anyone, anywhere, anytime. So...

Talk, talk, talk. Tell everyone you know that you are raising at least $350 in pledges and riding a bicycle to help support those affected by breast cancer.

The magic words. Of course you will say "please" when asking for donations, but do not forget to thank your sponsors too. Send them a simple note, a photo of you wearing your Breast Cancer Ride t-shirt, or a training update. Make your donors a part of your experience, and they will feel even better about contributing.

The power of teams. Riding with your friends and family is great because you can do fundraising efforts together. Learn more about teams here.

Great fundraising story from a Rider:  "I am an avid swing dancer, so to raise money for the event, I thought the best thing to do would be to throw a dance! It was last night, and it was really successful - we raised over $400 in one night!! As a student, in combination with my other donations, this blew my original goal out of the water - and it's still only June!! To top it off, everything for the night was donated - the venues (we had 2 dances back to back), the DJs, the labor - all by generous dance people and friends; so I had zero overhead, and all profits raised are going directly to the Ride, I was so thrilled! I was blown away by peoples' generosity; it has really been a blessing to be involved in this effort so far, and get to see the deeply giving side of human nature."

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