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You can already see the word "fun" in fundraising so we won't spend too much time convincing you about what a good time you'll have doing it.  But, let's cover a few things...

The first thing to remember about fundraising is that you are not asking for money for yourself.  You are asking for donations to help the men affected by cancer in our community.  Who's that great guy in your life that has been touched by cancer?  You're asking for him.  You are not asking for a vacation.  You are asking because you want to help others.

Adult Riders are required to raise a minimum of $350. Raising $350 can seem like a challenge at first. But, once you break it down it becomes quite easy.  Do you have 10 friends? (Check your Facebook friends list or pull out your Rolodex. Pretty sure you've got at least 10.) Ask those 10 people to sponsor you just $35 each and you'll be there in no time. Have more than 10 friends? Ask them all to sponsor you and pretty soon you'll be a fundraising pro.

Without you doing the fundraising, we wouldn't be able to help the men in our community affected by cancer. Get started today by using our online fundraising tools, or go old school and print out a donation form and give it to friends and family.

Need fundraising ideas?  Download our Fundraising Ideas & Tips (PDF) guide.

And remember...

You may think it is not for you. Remember, you are not asking people to fund your next car payment or Hawaiian vacation. You are asking for money to help provide services to people living with cancer.

Know your stuff. Be informed about why you are doing this. Memorize a few key facts about the beneficiaries, and some of the work they do, and familiarize yourself with the current state of cancer.

Be prepared. Always carry your AttaBoy Ride donation forms with you.  Always. Because ...

You never know. A donation could come from anyone, anywhere, anytime. So...

Talk, talk, talk. Tell everyone you know that you are raising at least $350 in donations and riding a bicycle to help support men affected by cancer.

The magic words. Of course you will say "please" when asking for donations, but do not forget to thank your sponsors too. Send them a simple note, a photo of you wearing your AttaBoy Ride t-shirt, or a training update. Make your donors a part of your experience, and they will feel even better about contributing.

Raise $350 in just one week!

Day 1     Ask seven family members to sponsor you for $10 each.

Day 2     Ask eight friends and/or neighbors to contribute $10 each.

Day 3     Ask five co-workers to contribute $5 each.

Day 4     Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 (better yet, find out if your company will match what you raise).

Day 5     Ask five businesses you frequent to personally contribute $10 (It's easy to ask your barber/hair stylist, dry cleaner or restaurant where you eat lunch every day).

Day 6     Ask five people from your church/temple/community group to donate $5 each.

Day 7     Ask five businesses or companies that you deal with through work to sponsor you for $10.

Questions about fundraising?  Contact us for more ideas and support.


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